PROJECT: Cooperation for the development of the local market by the integration of short supply chains for wine in the area of Micula, Halmeu, Satu Mare, all in Satu Mare County.

Project partners:

The partnership consists of: The Association for Micro-Regional Development of Communities in Sătmar Area, as project leader, which is designed to develop the communities in Sătmar Area, together with producers of wines of protected geographical indication in the Halmeu region, one rural tourist accommodation structure in Halmeu area and one restaurant in Satu Mare, the latter also becoming sales and promotion points for wines obtained by producers within the borders of this partnership. All partners, given the specifics of the activities performed and also the opportunities available to them, shall cooperate to promote the Halmeu wine-growing centre.

The goal of the project is to establish a local market in the area of Micula / Halmeu / Satu Mare, based exclusively on the development of short supply chains in this area, by means of activities performed by the established partnership.

The actions established to reach this goal consist of:

  • Preparation and distribution of visual promotion materials
  • The design of a web page and an on-line store
  • The procurement of equipment and items intended for the promotion and sale of wines obtained by partners
  • Performance of promotion activities in the established area with regard to products and the concept of geographical indication 
  • Organisation of marketing events and other specific activities to increase visibility and competitiveness of the local market operated by the short supply chain provided to be consolidated by the partnership agreement.

The purpose of promotion of local products is, first of all, that of establishing an identity for these products and their positioning on the local market. The activities performed in the partnership shall promote the concept called “Wines on the hills of Sătmar”

The project also intends to promote the cooperation possibilities between local actors, in order to trade agricultural and food products by means of short supply chains.

The cooperation project between local actors contributes to the achievement of strategic objectives which the Association of Micro-Regional Development of Communities in Sătmar Area and proposed in the Strategy of Local Development.

The implementation of this project shall ensure the possibility to bring added value to wine-growing products by the partnership members within the GAL area.