“Dealurile Sătmarului” wine of protected geographical indication is obtained from grapes harvested from grape vine plantations located in the area intended for such purpose. The acquired alcoholic content level must be of minimum 10.0% vol. The total alcoholic content must not exceed 17 % vol.

The quality and characteristics of wines produced in the area separated for the protected geographical indication “Dealurile Sătmarului” are essentially due to the geographical environment, with its natural and human factors. The natural characteristic is the hilly area, which determines a particular decrease of temperature resources and an addition of the rainfall characteristics. Wintertime is generally gentler here, and grape vine areas are sunny and protected from wind and cold currents. The remarkable cooling of average temperatures of the air, by 3-4 degrees Celsius in September, leads to the preservation of components sensitive to higher temperatures - flavours, acids - in the grapes.

Halmeu is a village in the larger administrative area of Halmeu commune, Satu Mare County, an international railway and roadway border crossing point of the Romanian - Ukrainian border. The village of Halmeu was first mentioned as early as 1217 in official documents under the name of Terra Holmy. The village has 5,000 inhabitants and is crossed by River Tur on a distance of 11 km, with a water depth of 2 to 4 m. This is also the home of Tur River Natural Reserve. Local population is generally involved in agriculture. Land in Halmeu area are particularly suitable for strawberry farming. Even before WWII, the first strawberry plants have been brought and planted in Halmeu. Halmeu is known as “Strawberry Land” to the neighbouring areas. Large areas of land are used for bell pepper, tomato, eggplant, potato and cabbage crops. Vegetables are grown out in the field but also in greenhouses. A particular crop is grape vine. Although cultivated on a relatively small area in the hills of Halmeu Vii, the wines produced here are some of the most famous wines in Northern Transylvania. Animal farming is also a tradition in the area, as it generates natural and healthy products.”