Brand: Cooperativa Agricolă Dealurile Halmeului
Alcohol level: 13%
Characteristics: red, dry

Origin: Halmeu
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Volume (ml): 750
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28.00 LEI


Cabernet Sauvignon red wines enjoy the best reputation worldwide, even being considered the king of red wines. With all of its characteristics, Cabernet Sauvignon wines are indicative of vigour, virility, and force. This wine has intense colour, red with lavender shades when young, intense ruby red when it had matured for over 2 years, robust, extractive, full, sometimes astringent, rustic, with herbal taste and smell characteristics. This wine has an aristocratic and complex, spectacular flavour obtained by ageing, with a harmonious taste, based on a fortunate amalgamation of alcohol, acidity, and tannin. Ageing is recommended, because the wine is rough and wild in the first year, but it becomes rounder, subtle and graceful after ageing. Its robustness makes the Cabernet Sauvignon wine pair very well with pork steak and wild boar products. 

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