Brand: Cooperativa Agricolă Dealurile Halmeului
Alcohol level: 12%
Characteristics: white, demisweet
Origin: Halmeu
Volume (ml): 750
Availability: In Stock
20.00 LEI


This wine has a yellowy-green colour, becoming gold-shaded after 1-2 years of ageing. Highly praised for its easy-going and harmonious nature. Its specific freshness and fruity flavour make Feteasca Regală the most common wine in Romania. When it includes sugars, as off-dry or medium wine, it is even more captivating for the taster. With a very good balance between components, with a slightly less marked perfume, but an outlining flavour.

The shades of vivaciousness, highly regarded by many consumers, is its acidity, which is most often high. Harmonious and well-built, it can be enjoyed as such, but also blended with other wines. Highly palatable and a slightly ethereal flavour, it brings that easy-going characteristic that makes it attractive and pleasant.

With moderate alcohol contents, but sufficiently robust, the wine has a shade of freshness which gives the consumer a nice memory. Feteasca Regală is recommended with fish, seafood and white meat products.

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